Redwood is Rockin’!

The April rankings are out and after four months we are positioned as the NUMBER 6 COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY within the Century 21 system! What’s also quite cool is that our Ashburn office has …

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Redwood is Rockin’!

cropped-Screen-Shot-2015-12-22-at-2.10.14-PM.pngThe April rankings are out and after four months we are positioned as the NUMBER 6 COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY within the Century 21 system! What’s also quite cool is that our Ashburn office has reclaimed its seat as the #1 OFFICE IN THE MID-ATLANTIC. We still have 8 months to go and there was a pretty big merger that may dethrone us ( in the company rankings, but we should keep the pedal to the metal and be really proud of ourselves for our results over the first four months of 2016!

If you actually look at the Mid-Atlantic rankings, there’s no reason whatsoever that OUR office can’t be Number Two… or dare I say it… NUMBER ONE! We can do it. Just think about the number of agents WE have versus the number of agents in all of the other offices. We currently have substantially fewer team members yet we’re still placing VERY HIGH in the rankings at NUMBER 5 IN THE MID-ATLANTIC. That’s awesome and it’s a tribute to your hard work, determination and drive. Congrats! You should be quite proud of that accomplishment. Be sure to let your clients and customers know of this noteworthy achievement.

I encourage each of you to keep pushing, let us know how WE CAN HELP YOU and… as I state in each sales meeting… to let me know of anyone you think would be an asset to our team. We’re always looking for solid new agents to join our office. Do you have a friend at another firm that would be awesome? Did you work a transaction with someone who was awesome? If so, please let me know.

So what’s the “Weekend Wisdom” for this weekend? Keep doing what you know is right… Reaching out to your folks, quietly touting our/your accomplishments and letting folks know that Century 21 Redwood Realty is home to the BEST agents around.

I’m so proud that I can say that I work with the best of the best!


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